Extrusion of High Moisture Meat Analogues: How to Effectively Create Meat-Like Structures with Plant Proteins

Wednesday, July 7, 2021 at 10 AM

With a water content of 50-80% the consistency of High Moisture Meat Analogues (HMMA) is very similar to that of lean meat. This provides food manufacturers with a broad range of possibilities when imitating popular meat dishes with plant proteins.

In this free webinar, Coperion's food processing experts will explore the technological requirements of high moisture extrusion cooking and give advice on how to set up your production.

Primary Topics:
• Difference between HMMA and dry texturates such as TVP
• Production set-up with Coperion’s ZSK food extruder
• Process parameters and their influence on HMMA quality
• How to easily switch between TVP and HMMA

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